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Looking for an easy-going Singapore chiropractor with well-equipped clinics in the East Coast and CBD?

You found him.

People in Singapore are suffering from chiropractic problems every day, but they may not realise that what they're feeling - whether it's back ache, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, neck immobility or even headaches - is not normal. Whether your discomfort is caused by poor posture in the office, watching too much TV (we get it!) or overdoing it at the gym, Life Chiropractic Centre is an accessible clinic in Singapore that provides positive, effective and safe treatment for everyone.

Because we're a couple of stand up, decent folks, we want our clients to walk into Life Chiropractic Centre and feel like they've finally strolled into a clinic that understands - and really cares about - the pain they've been dealing with. Give us a call or drop by our East Coast or CBD clinics if you want to find out more about what we can do for you (see what we've done for others here) - or even to truly discover what chiropractic care in Singapore really is

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Chiropractic care

Find out what chiropractic care in Singapore can offer, from fixing mobility problems to improving your mood.

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LOCATION: Or trot on into our CBD chiropractic office...